Indian cuisine in Orlando

Raga Culinary Team

The harmony at Raga is indeed found on our menu, in our elegantly appointed surroundings, and is delivered to each guest by our staff of professionals who strive to make your experience truly memorable.

Dominic Sarkar
Dominic Sarkar
Executive Chef

Our multiple gold medal award-winning Executive Chef, Dominic Sarkar, exemplifies Raga's passion for the absolute best by preparing our menu's wide variety of culinary delights. Having trained in India, Chef Sarkar has held prestigious positions spanning a 26-year career around the globe – from Dubai to Bahrain, the UAE, and then to California. His inspiring expertise, and creative repertoire of Gulf, Indian, Arabic, Continental, Far Eastern, Italian and Mediterranean fare is unparalleled.

If one word were to be used to describe Executive Chef Dominic, it is EXCELLENCE!

His vast knowledge in creating superlative and aromatic taste sensations, and the preparation of beautifully-presented exotic dishes – from wild game, to the most delicate of softly-herbed sauces and sumptuous meal accompaniments – is proudly the "heart and soul" here at Raga.

Chef Sarkar's unparalleled skills exemplify his ability to blend a harmony of delicate spices and to create and combine a soft melody of various flavors that makes every dish he prepares a delight, and his extensive banquet and his special-event planning experience is unsurpassed. We know that every guest who dines at Raga will savor and enjoy the unforgettable meals he has created for our menus.

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